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driving inbound calls from search traffic
Localized Search Traffic via Artificial Intelligence
Our proprietary system is capable of producing tens of thousands of highly optimized pages in minutes. Allowing us to rank for all keywords in a particular niche within 15 days, but we roll it out slowly over 45 days to make it look natural. We take the risk out of ranking.
Intently Email Re-Marketing
We use the INTENTLY database which tracks 400 million internet users every day. When traffic shows up on our website we match them to their contact information in the Intently database. The identified users are added to an email remarketing campaign until a they call your business.
Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing
The pages from our AI receive the highest quality score available within Google Adwords. This quality score rewards our paid ads campaigns with the cheapest cost per click of all the competition. Allowing us to generate immediate traffic and additional calls from the ads campaigns.
Omni Present Social Media Marketing
We've deployed tracking pixels on all of our ranked pages, allowing us to deploy remarketing tactics across every social platform. When a customer shows intent to purchase by visiting one of our ranked pages we'll continually follow up with that individual until they call your business.
Warm Call Center Follow Up
The Intently pixel allows our team to identify the phone numbers of individuals that show up on our ranked pages. A week after they visit us, if the other marketing tactics have not generated a call from the customer we call them and warm transfer them to your business.
inbound sales closing using tactical empathy
Inbound Sales Closers
Our team of sales closers will meet with your prospects and convert them to customers with a high conversion rate. We use tactical empathy to build up an internal pressure to buy your products and services, resulting in the highest conversion rates with the happiest prospects. We manage the closers and you only pay a commission on the deals we close for you.
Follow Up
When the deals don't close on the first call our closing team is trained in the art of follow up. We handle the prospect communication to ensure that every dollar is produced that can be produced for your business.
Closers That Prospect
It's not enough to have a closing team that only takes the calls you provide. It's important to have a closing team that is actively generating their own phone calls and maximizing on the potential that you provide them with.
pre-objection handling with a sales funnel
Sales Funnel Implementation & Optimization
Using the information gathered from our inbound closers that you have had working for you, we'll be able to develop a sales funnel that produces a higher quality lead and increases the conversion rates. We connect with your prospects on an emotional level and get them excited about your offer.
Being able to tell a story is beneficial, but it doesn't always lead to a sale. We use a methodical customer research process to understand your customer before they even know they have a problem. Then we craft a message to walk them to your order form, pull out their credit card and become a loving customer.
Website Design & Development
Between all of the Web Designers, Web Developers and every other job title that exists to build a website, how do you pick the right one? Well.. in our opinion a website has one function, to generate sales, not to be useless and look pretty, not to be a cost center with worthless functionality. We can help craft your message and build a website around your automated lead generation machine.
Conversion Rate Optimization
We've spent years optimizing websites and funnels for maximum conversion rates. We've written the software and created the checkout flows for decades. It was conversion rate optimization that lead us into sales copy writing and ultimately marketing.
Business Intelligence Metrics
Implementing accurate analytical reporting and triggering of machine learning events is critical to the return on your ad spend. Create effective business intelligence dashboards to monitor the key performance indicators in your company.
what we no longer offer publicly...
Software Development
After more than a decade as a Solutions Architect and Full-stack Software Engineer I've decided to no longer design and write software as my primary source of income. I still manage a team of software engineers from time to time, but I will no longer be providing these services as my primarily.
After more than a decade implementing and optimizing servers I've decided to stop working as a DevOps Engineer. I still work on a Linux computer as my daily desktop. I still enjoy scripting and working with technology, and I still have a full server rack sitting next to my desk. I will not be offering these services to customers unless it's a smaller part of a marketing project.
We help business owners who are sick and tired of hope marketing tactics that blow the budget without results. We have the only AI+SEO system in the world that's able to deliver consistent results month after month.
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