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Sales Funnel Implementation & Optimization
All the rage these days, a step-by-step process to hook, nurture, and make a customer out of your buyers. A sales funnel will help you create an automated lead machine.
Being able to tell a story is beneficial, but it doesn't always lead to a sale. We use a methodical customer research process to understand your customer before they even know they have a problem. Then we craft a message to walk them to your order form, pull out their credit card and become a loving customer.
Custom Targeted Audiences
The ad networks make it possible for you to import your customer list, target them and their lookalikes. We make it possible for you to build an ideal customer list using our two terabytes of consumer and business databases.
Website Design & Development
Between all of the Web Designers, Web Developers and every other job title that exists to build a website, how do you pick the right one? Well.. in our opinion a website has one function, to generate sales, not to be useless and look pretty, not to be a cost center with worthless functionality. We can help craft your message and build a website around your automated lead generation machine.
Conversion Rate Optimization
We've spent years optimizing websites and funnels for maximum conversion rates. We've written the software and created the checkout flows for decades. It was conversion rate optimization that lead us into sales copy writing and ultimately marketing.
Business Intelligence Metrics
Implementing accurate analytical reporting and triggering of machine learning events is critical to the return on your ad spend. Create effective business intelligence dashboards to monitor the key performance indicators in your company.
drive traffic from every platform
Email Marketing
You've heard it before and it's not going away, "The money is in the list." We believe this proverb to be true now and forever. We use email marketing sequences to nurture thriving relationships with your customers.
Local Search Engine Optimization
Sometimes you just need to show up at the right time and in the right place when a customer is looking for you. Whether it be an immediate need, researching, or just doing due diligence on your brand, they're looking for you. We target the buyer's journey and respond with the relevant information.
Social Media Marketing
Between Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and LinkedIn there are millions of hours of attention. It's the constant content that grabs the attentions of nearly every household in the world. We get your ads in front of the exact individuals that make up your ideal customers.
Pay Per Click Marketing
The Google Ads Ecosystem has the power to reach 80% of all online users and drive a lot of sales. The problem is that to make a return on your investment you must be well versed and knowledgeable in the advanced hidden settings. We can help you generate a return on your PPC spend.
Cost Per Acquisition Networks
You don't pay for the traffic unless the traffic pays for your services. These are huge networks with large amounts of traffic. It can be difficult to find the audience you're looking for, but once you do, there's no limit to your growth.
what we no longer do...
Software Development
After more than a decade as a Solutions Architect and Full-stack Software Engineer I've decided to no longer design and write software as my primary source of income. I still manage a team of software engineers from time to time, but I will no longer be providing these services as my primarily.
After more than a decade implementing and optimizing servers I've decided to stop working as a DevOps Engineer. I still work on a Linux computer as my daily desktop. I still enjoy scripting and working with technology, and I still have a full server rack sitting next to my desk. I will not be offering these services to customers unless it's a smaller part of a marketing project.
I help companies create a clear direction with their marketing to automate their lead generation without wasting money by using a messaging-to-audience match and a good bribe.
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