Grow Your Business With A Regular Stream Of New Customers

As a Marketing Consultant, I help Service Professionals close a consistent stream of new customers without wasting money by using my proprietary target marketing system.

How To Grow Your Business With Target Marketing
  • How to Increase ROI by doing LESS and keeping it SIMPLE. (97.4% of all businesses over-complicate it)
  • Where to find THE BEST customer. (A simple change that caused a 1,000% INCREASE in revenue)
  • ​BONUS - Get a FREE Email Campaign to drive new business leads
  • ​BONUS - Get your customized marketing plan free of charge
  • How to create a marketing message that WINS every time. (Don't waste your time guessing)
  • ​How I LASER target my audiences for every business (And why using ad network targeting fails)
  • ​​BONUS - Get a FREE copy of my book "Target Marketing Secrets"
Let's Create Your Customized Marketing Plan
A Laser Focused Audience
Defining your ideal customer using real live data, then override the ad network's targeting options.

Messaging That Gets Their Attention
A crafted message that resonates with your audience, captures their attention and gets them to take action.
Understand Their Emotional Triggers
See from your customer's perspective on a completely different level.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition
Find out exactly what your competitors are doing to drive traffic and then stay one step ahead of them.
PLUS: Free B2B Leads Generated For You
Using the messaging that we've created and the audience we've identified, we'll actually start testing your messaging and driving free leads to YOU.

PLUS: Get My Step-By-Step Execution Guide
Get a free copy of my book "Target Marketing Secrets", and learn the secrets that nobodies talking about.
A Sales Funnel Strategy
Know exactly what you need to build in order to warm buyers and turn them into customers.
Grow Your Business Like These Customers
Mead Spearhead, A Google Adwords Partner specializing in Advanced Google Ads Campaigns.
"It's been nice to have some savvy, not only in the technical, but in the overall marketing strategy, put together our strategy so that we have a strong online presence."
- Robert Samayoa, Co-founder
Leading Edge Roofing & Siding, Providing Affordable Metal Roofs For Homeowners In Spokane and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
"He figures out everything you're doing and helps you totally create your message, so you stand out and you've won the job before you've even bid it."
- Colton Young, Owner
Creating A Consistent Stream Of New Customers
Phase #0: The Marketing Plan
  • Choosing Your Target Audience - Have you thought long and hard about your ideal customer profile.. the one that's MASSIVELY profitable? After going through this process you'll never wonder that again. You'll know exactly who you're targeting and where to find them...
  • Understanding Your Customer's Emotional Triggers - The reason most businesses fail is due to the fact that they do not understand their customer. When we're done exploring the buyer's journey you'll understand your customers better than they understand themselves.
  • Why People Don't Buy Your Stuff - Have you ever wondered why some competitors seem to have no problem getting new business? Have you felt like none of your ads or marketing material is working?... Then you must craft a marketing message that your buyer's want to hear. Following this exercise will rescue you from endless ad spend and you'll finally start making money from your advertising.
  • Your Entire Marketing Strategy In ONE Sentence - Do you know exactly what to say when somebody asks, "So... what do you do?" How often do those questions turn into customers? This one magical sentence can do just that, and I'll show you how to create it!
  • What Is The Story Of Your Brand - Does your brand message have a backbone, or do you gurgle up random maxims that lead nowhere? I'll show you how to fill in the blanks and craft a comprehensive marketing message that will capture your audience's attention and convert them into buyer's.
  • ​Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors - Do you know exactly what your competitors are doing to grow their business? I'll show you how to find your top competitors and dig into their digital marketing tactics to completely understand their strategy. You can make the pivots you need to overcome them and drive more leads your way.
Phase #1: The Funnel To Maximize Conversions
  • How To Lower Your Lead Cost From $2000 To Less Than $50 - Is every one of your campaigns effective? Are you confident that every campaign you turn on will generate revenue for your business? We'll put your messaging in front of hyper targeted audiences on the ad networks and eliminate wasteful ad spend.
  • Sell Before You Create Anything - Before you dive in and create your next website, or product, sell it first. Make the necessary adjustments on the fly, until you have what your customers want. You'll know what's effective before it goes live.
  • Craft An Offer That Compels - The number one thing that stops potential customers in their tracks, it's clearly understanding your offer! We'll help you craft an offer that is compelling. One that customers are begging for!
  • Make Your First Offer A Compelling Bribe - Your offer is one thing, but a compelling bribe that helps your customers take the first step is exactly what you need.
  • Overcome The Tech Blocks In Your Life - Don't think you're tech savvy enough to make all this happen? Have no fear of tech, I've created tutorials for all of the actions you might want to take and I'll help you get through it all.
  • ​Signal Base Machine Learning Changes Everything - Everybody's talking about the Marketing Pixels and Conversion Goals, but nobody actually knows how to use it. Instead of corrupting your pixel with thousands of tests, I show you how to maximize AI with signal based machine learning. Get rewarded with cheap leads when you have this dialed in.
  • ​Fill Up Your Scheduling Calendar With Hot Leads - Gone are the days of a consistent stream of referrals pouring in. The majority of people prefer to go online and research their vendors. With our process you'll have leads automatically booking meetings with you every single day.
Phase 1 Actual Cost: $1000
Phase #2: The Presentation To Warm Your Audience
  • From CEOs To Temp-hires, They All Need This - A 50 to 70 minute presentation has shown to increase messaging effectiveness by 80%. People don't want to read every word on your page unless they know that you're offering what they need. Use a tailored video presentation to catch their attention and start the process.
  • A Perfect Webinar Script - Having troubles figuring out what you would say in your video presentation? My webinar script has been tested by thousands of business owners who swear by it. Millions have been generated with this meticulously crafted and tested, perfect webinar script.
  • The Explainer Slide Deck - You don't want to be on camera the entire presentation, nobody wants to see you on camera anyway. They need to be engaged and taught the visual concepts that coincide with your messaging. We'll craft your slide deck for maximum effectiveness.
  • ​Build Long Lasting Relationships - Your presentation does more than just educate customers on your unique selling proposition. It's crafted in a way that begins the relationship development process. Customers will walk away feeling like they know who you are.
  • The Best Way To ​Increase Conversion Rates - Webinar video presentations tackle the biggest objections, hesitations and questions that prospects will have about your process. Get more customers to watch your presentation and you'll increase the number of leads who follow through to become long lasting customers.
Phase 2 Actual Cost: $1000
Phase #3: Case Studies To Prove Your Results
  • Increase Your Close Rate By 70% - Case studies prove to customers that your process works. Hands down. You must be creating scientific and professionally scripted case studies about real customers getting really good results with your process.
  • A Perfect Case Study Script - We'll craft your case study in 1000 words, making it possible for customers to consume the content in 2.5 minutes. Our script has been precisely formatted to deliver exactly what readers are expected and wanting. And when they get it, they'll want to do business with you!
  • Matched With A Case Study Slide Deck - Visually appealing explainer slides are designed with the script. Your prospects will be more likely to watch the entire case study and even more excited about doing business with you.
  • ​Capturing The Emotion Of The Story - The effectiveness of case studies is coupled with their ability to tell a compelling story about the potential results a prospect might receive. Capturing the face and the emotions of the story through a customer video interview makes that possible.
  • ​Case Studies Make Great Advertisements - Prospects want to see results. They want to find a company that's able to deliver the best return of results for their investment. You'll now have video case studies to use as advertisements and deliver your results first thing.
Phase 3 Actual Cost: $1000
Phase #4: The Lead Magnet To Capture Traffic Quickly
  • Build A Reputation As An Expert - Not because you published a book, but because the book you published is filled with your experience and actually proves you're an expert.
  • Help Your Customers Make The Buying Decision - Customers love free information that will help them accomplish the goals they're after. For that reason it's wise for you to come up with the primary questions that your customers need answered and provide their answers in your book.
  • The Money Is In The List - Facebook didn't buy the Instagram platform for 1 Billion dollars because of it software it was built on. They could have easily rebuilt the software for less then that amount. Facebook purchased Instagram because of the users Instagram had on it's platform. A lead magnet will help you collect email addresses of potential prospects and you can start building your own list.
  • ​The Opportunity Is What Sells Your Offer - When you can teach your prospects about the opportunity that can be claimed, prospects will be more willing to pay for the tool or service that will help them take advantage of that opportunity. Create the opportunity and the opportunity will sell your offer.
Phase 4 Actual Cost: $1000
Phase #5: Optimized Website To Catch More Leads
  • The Purpose Of Your Website Is To Bring In New Customers - Are you tired of spending money on designers and developers to build a website that doesn't perform. Forget vanity metrics like traffic and clicks for a moment, let's create a website that's designed to create a return on your investment.
  • Catch More Customers With A Wide Net - Your website should be designed with the exact elements needed to convince customers to do business with you. Every page should be the start of your prospecting funnel. When we're done you'll catch every potential prospect that views your website.
  • ​Grow Organically With Local Search Engine Optimization - Grow your business with google and get your website listed in hundreds of online business directories at the same time. When somebody searches for your solution, you want to show up and capitalize on that opportunity.
  • When Customers Are Doing Their Due Diligence - Know what your customers need to finalize their decisions and present it using your website. Customers always go through this process to vet a service provider. When we're done you'll ace the test.
  • 68% Of Online Traffic Is Now Mobile - Your website must have a mobile responsive version that makes it easy for customers to access your information on the go. Know that your website, when built by us, will always have a mobile version.
  • ​Increase Your Website Traffic By Providing A Secure Connection - SSL Certificates turn the lock green for your visitors, showing them their connection is secure (https). Google rewards these websites with more traffic and your visitors feel more comfortable sending their private information. Our client sites are always secure.
  • Most Visitors Leave If The Website Doesn't Load In 3.5 Seconds - We make sure that your website loads fast to capture every ounce of traffic possible.
Phase 5 Actual Cost: $1000
Phase #6: Customer Reviews To Generate More Digital Referrals
  • Companies With A Single Online Review Make 2x More Than Companies Without A Review - If you're not generating any organic traffic online it's probably because your competitors are swallowing up all the traffic. Modern day digital reviews are quickly replacing person to person referrals.
  • ​Google Prioritizes Websites With Reviews - Reviews prove that you're relevant and Google's entire business was built upon relevant results. You'll show up more often, for more searches and you'll drive more organic traffic to your business with every additional review.
  • ​Companies With 5 Reviews Do 4x More Revenue Than Businesses With 1 Review - Every review matters and every review counts. This is the modern day equivalent to the full restaurant effect. When customers see that you have more reviews they prefer your business over the competitor.
  • Professional Video Testimonials Capture The Emotion - While reviews are incredibly effective, video reviews capture the emotion and prove that each review is unique and real. We'll interview select customers and produce professional quality video testimonials. These are effective for social proofing your website and remarketing campaigns.
  • Review Funnels Capture More Reviews - Walk every customer through a guided review funnel to help them craft an effective review for new prospects. The review funnel we build for you will generate more reviews and more quality reviews. It also helps your customers post their reviews to public business listings like Yelp, Google, and Facebook.
Phase 6 Actual Cost: $1000
BONUS #7: Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • You Can't Manage What You Can't Track - The old adage holds true with Marketing ad spend. If you don't know exactly which marketing campaigns and strategies are returning the most for your investment, then you cannot turn off the failing campaigns. We help you track every campaign, so you know exactly whats returning a profit.
  • Customized Tracking Events Increase Ad Effectiveness - When you have all of the necessary tracking events in place the machines learn quickly which of your audience to target. When the machines learn who your ideal audience members are, your ads get shown to only them and your ad effectiveness increases.
BONUS #8: Database Of Target Audience Contacts
  • 150 Million Consumers With 400 Metrics - We can query up a list of consumers based upon their buying habits, credit scores, net worth, children's ages, and their donation habits. It's scary, I know, but it's also really effective for marketing purposes...​ If you're not taking advantage of it, your competitors will.
  • ​​10 Million Businesses With Email Addresses - Looking for business owners in hyper niche industries? I've got em. Want to reach government contacts, a human resources, or other job titles across every industry? We can setup custom marketing audiences on nearly every ad network, or just send out emails... It's your choice.
  • 15 Million Consumers Interested In Business Opportunities - Complete with email addresses...
  • ​100 Million Master Voter Database
  • 5 Million Consumers Who Filled Out An Application For Solar Panel Quotes
  • 44 Million Consumers Who Have Medical Ailments
  • ​30 Million Professionals Who've Received A Government Issued License
  • ​15 Million Canadian Consumers
  • ​15 Million Americans With Allergies
  • ​2 Million Auto Warranty Lease
  • ​4 Million Auto Leases
  • ​700,000 Cash Advance Consumers
  • ​45 Million Domain Registrants
  • ​8 Million Aged Health Insurance Leads
  • ​4 Million Auto Service Records
  • ​120 Million Auto Transfer Records
  • ​7.5 Million Motorcycle Owners
  • ​90,000 RV Owners
  • ​And so much more... We'll query up a the necessary audience you need to launch your business online.
Total Cost: $6000
[ 60-Minute Classes Each Week]
12 Months Of WEEKLY Live Trainings
If you're like most people this whole ecommerce thing hasn't CLICKED yet. Even successful ecommerce store owners haven't always figured out the marketing side of their business.

That's why I will personally teach you how to properly market your ecommerce website using paid traffic sources to drive unlimited traffic. I'll even teach you how to get all of your marketing paid for!

There's nothing else out there like live, relevant marketing training directed at your situation from an Ecommerce Marketing Consultant.
(VALUE: $4,998)
Marketing Tailored To Your Needs
Professional Sales Copy
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Database of Target Audience
Grow With Your Budget

Get All Six Phases
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Priority Service
Testimonial Funnel For Max Reviews
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Commonly Asked Questions
What Platform Do You Generate Leads From?
Your website is the primary lead generation engine. You're given the tools you need to drive traffic from any platform of your choice. The traffic is captured and warmed with your website.

I use imported custom audiences using my massive consumer and business owner databases, lookalike audiences are generated from there. Using this strategy we drive leads from every platform we can find your audience, then focus on the campaigns with the best returns.
How Quickly Will I Start Generated Leads?
I understand that businesses are getting burned by the marketing industry. For that reason I've designed this process to drive leads immediately. You can start driving leads with just the free marketing plan, and if you start the process, the first thing we'll do is create your funnel and start driving leads through advertisements. Once ads are turned on, you could start driving leads that day.
Can You Develop Video Ads?
Yes. With our process you'll receive five videos that can be used for advertising. I'll even show you how to easily create your own.
Will This Work For My Business?
My Business Is..
B2B & Lead Generation
Coaching & Consulting
Freelance Services / Agency
Information Products
Local Retail/Service Business
Network Marketing
Here's Why...
What Platform Do You Generate Leads From?
Your website is the primary lead generation engine. You're given the tools you need to drive traffic from any platform of your choice. The traffic is captured and warmed with your website.

We use imported custom audiences using our massive consumer and business owner databases, lookalike audiences are generated from there. Using this strategy we drive leads from every platform we can find your audience, then focus on the campaigns with the best returns.
As a Marketing Consultant, I help companies create a clear direction with their marketing to automate their lead generation without wasting money by using a messaging-to-audience match and a good bribe.
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Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, 83815
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