Keyword Researcher for SEO

Job Title: Keyword Researcher for SEO
Location: Remote
Timezone: Initially you’ll work “Central Standard Time, US” and once you’re able to complete 
the work on your own then we’ll transition you to working in your own timezone.

Terms: Permanent position as contracted worker
Salary/Rate: Salaried $20 to $30 per day, full-time.
Requirements: You will be expected to have complete availability for this contract. To work nights or weekends and holidays as needed. This will be an exclusive contract where you will not be allowed to work for other projects.

About Us: Byrdziak Media is a Marketing Technology firm that is developing innovative technology for small to medium sized businesses. Right now we offer pay-per-call performance based marketing to our clients. In order to generate the phone calls we rank over 15,000 pages within Google search results using our Artificial Intelligence system that does all the work for us.

About the Role: To launch a campaign for our clients we manually come up with the 15,000 keywords to rank for. This is where we require a team member to help us with Keyword Research. Our current SOP is capable of producing 30,000 keywords per day, but we only ask for 15,000 per day consistently.

We first use a small tool to brainstorm high intent keywords by adding common qualifiers like: emergency, same day, 24/7, etc… We then place those keywords into SpyFu, and clean the returned list with excluding words. From here we’re able to select keywords by the thousands and import them into Google Spreadsheet. Once we’ve reached 20,000 words, we then clean the list down to 15,000 of the most high-intent words possible.

Our specific process is defined in a video portal. You will be working alongside our current team (CST timezone) until you have all the training and competency to complete the work on your own. At which time you can transition to working in your own timezone.

Your Responsibilities: 
  • Brainstorm high-intent keyword combinations
  • ​Have an understanding of the English language enough to discern high-intent from no-intent words and phrases
  • ​Have the keyword research experience to understand user search habits and explore search phrases
  • ​An understanding of SpyFu and how to use it for keyword research. 
  • ​An understanding of Google Spreadsheets and how to do basic formulas and formatting. 
  • ​An understanding of Hubspot and Slack in order to communicate with the rest of the team. 
  • ​Managing your own work schedule and tracking your billable time worked
  • ​Communicating with the rest of the organization
Candidate Requirements:
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the English language 
  • ​Have a productive work environment 
  • ​Reliable high-speed internet connection 
  • ​Full availability/schedule 
  • ​Min 1 year experience SEO or Keyword Research or related field 
  • ​Communicate clearly and completely without being provoked to respond. 

We help business owners who are sick and tired of hope marketing tactics that blow the budget without results. We have the only AI+SEO system in the world that's able to deliver consistent results month after month.
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Telephone: 1(208) 210-0793

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